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Die Klima-Schwindel-Presseschau: Vom Klima-Wandel zur Medien-Wandlung

Vince Ebert, Diplomphysiker und Kabarettist:
PISA, Physik und Klimapolitik
Denken lohnt sich, Teil 1; Teil 2; Teil 3;
Teil 4 (Klimaschwindel);
Teil 5
Schiffahrt Hafen Bahn und Technik, 8/2008
Klimahysterie schwemmt Geld in die Staatskassen
Lohn der Angst
Von Dipl. Met. Klaus-Eckart Puls, 31.12.2008
2008 was the year man-made global warming was
By Christopher Booker
Business & Media Institute, 12/18/2008
CNN Meteorologist:
Manmade Global Warming Theory 'Arrogant'
By Jeff Poor
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 31.12.2008
War 2008 zu warm?
Von Dirk Maxeiner
The Wall Street Journal, December 24, 2008
An Ethanol Bailout?
And we thought we'd seen everything.
Auto-Reporter, 21.12.2008
Eine brandneue Studie belegt:
Eiszeit in Sicht
Von Christian Bartsch, December 19, 2008
Top 10 dud predictions
Andrew Bolt: GLOBAL warming preachers have had a shocking 2008.
FAZ.NET, 17.12.2008: Klimabilanz 2008
Verschnaufpause fürs Weltklima?
Von Joachim Müller-Jung
News Busters
December 15, 2008
Scientists Denounce AP For Hysterical Global Warming Article
By Noel Sheppard
Spiegel Online, 11.12.2008
Warten auf Al Gore
Klima-Posen in
Watts Up With That?
Satellite derived sea level updated- short term trend has been shrinking since 2005
World Climate Report
December 3, 2008
Rethinking Observed Warming
Welt Online, 4/12/2008
Gabriel ignoriert Kritik von Experten
Welt Online, 1/12/2008
Der Klima-Kongress tanzt weiter
Von Ulli Kulke, 29/11/2008
President-elect Barack Obama proposes
economic suicide for US
By Christopher Booker
POLITICO, November 25, 2008
Scientists urge caution on global warming
By: Erika Lovley
American Thinker, November 21, 2008
Global Warming? Bring it On!
By Gregory Young
Space Daily, LIMA, Nov 19 (AFP) Nov 19, 2008
Climate change momentum fading
Asia-Pacific survey, 16/11/2008
The world has never seen such freezing heat
By Christopher Booker
An Honest Climate Debate, November 14, 2008
by Professor Will Alexander
Edmonton Sun, November 13, 2008
Put global warming on to-do list
I Got Up In Al Gore's Face
Mark Sullivan
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
ScienceDaily (Nov. 13, 2008)
Global Warming Link To Amphibian Declines In Doubt
Earth would be heading to a freeze without CO2 emissions
September the hottest October
November 11, 2008
by Andrew Bolt
Nach uns die Eiszeit
12. November 2008
The Sydney Morning Herald, November 8, 2008
Truly inconvenient truths about climate change being ignored
by Michael Duffy
The Wallstreet Journal, NOVEMBER 7, 2008
'Aliens Cause Global Warming'
From a lecture delivered by the late Michael Crichton at the California Institute of Technology on Jan. 17, 2003
FAZ.NET, 5.11.2008
Beweise von der Eisfront
Gab es noch etwas zu beweisen?
Mit Modellen finden, was Messungen nicht hergeben
Von Joachim Müller-Jung, November 04, 2008
The Great Global Warming Swindle
Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Martin Durkin
Michael Miersch in Welt Online, 3.11.08
Viel Wind um nichts
Die kritischen Stimmen zur Klimapolitik verstummen nicht.
Warum deutsche Windräder keine Treibhausgase einsparen, hat jetzt Ökonom Hans-Werner Sinn aufgedeckt.
tgdaily, October 30, 2008
MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory,
contradicts scientific data
By Rick C. Hodgin&xnbsp;&xnbsp;
October 30, 2008
Professor Don Easterbrook
Western Washington University
Global Cooling is Here!
Evidence for Predicting Global Cooling for the Next Three Decades
National Post, October 20, 2008
Thirty years of warmer temperatures go poof
By Lorne Gunter
The New York Times,
October 20, 2008
Alternative Energy Suddenly Faces Headwinds
Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
National and international climate protection policy from an economic policy perspective
A lecture by counselor MR Werner Ressing
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie

Nationale und internationale Klimaschutzpolitik aus wirtschaftspolitischer Perspektive
Ein Vortrag im PIK von Ministerialrat Werner Ressing
Following are 12 pages of sampling of news reports from the US and around the world for October 2008, via Marc Morano in Washington, providing some anecdotal evidence that global warming has perhaps stalled:
Global Cooling
provided by Marc Morano
Arktis-Temperaturen steigen auf Rekordhoch?
Ernst-Georg Beck
kommentiert den Medien-Schwindel
auf deutsch
in English, October 13th, 2008
The Big Picture
The Sun
by Alan Taylor
CO2 Sceptics, October 15th, 2008
Scientists Challenge
UK Govt Climate Committee to 'Drop flawed science and the Climate Change millstone - Save the economy'. CO2 is the Gas Of Life ('GOL'), it is not a problem.
by Piers Corbyn
The New York Times, October 16th, 2008
Apocalypse Now, via Diorama
Exhibition Review | 'Climate Change'
By Edward Rothstein
Anchorage Daily News, October 13th, 2008
Bad weather was good for Alaska glaciers
MASS BALANCE: For decades, summer snow loss has exceeded winter snowfall.
Houston Chronicle, October 07, 2008
Roy Spencer, climate skeptic, speaks
by Eric Berger
Environment 360
Financial Crisis Dims Chances for U.S. Climate Legislation
by margaret kriz
der, 7. Oktober 2008
Frühere Lawinen konservierten Klimageschichte der Alpen
In den letzten 10.000 Jahren war es häufig wärmer als heute
The current financial crisis only reinforces the public’s wariness about any climate bill that attempts to increase the costs of energy and jeopardizes jobs.
‘Reality Check’ - Related Links:
By Marc Morano
Frontier Centre for Public Policy
October 1, 2008
Immense Public Frustration with Politicians Over the Global Warming and Climate Change Debate
Los Angeles Times, September 30, 2008
The green bubble bursts
Amid the energy crisis, Democrats are losing the high ground on the environment to a GOP that is pushing oil drilling.
By Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger
Forbes,Paul Johnson, 09.11.08
The Nonsense of Global Warming
August was one of the nastiest months I can remember
Capitalism Magazine
EPA Fascism versus America:
There is No Natural Evidence for Man-made Global Warming (3 of 7)
by John Lewis and Paul Saunders
Wiener Zeitung, 26. September 2008
Eher wolkig als heiter
Klimaschutz in der heutigen Form ist nicht sehr sinnvoll, denn Klima- und Energiepolitik haben einen falschen Weg beschritten
Von Horst-Joachim Lüdecke
Focus Online, 24. September 2008
Geringe Sonnenaktivität
Klimaerwärmung oder Kaltzeit?
Die Sonnenaktivität hat einen Tiefpunkt erreicht. Einige Forscher warnen vor einer Kaltzeit – andere glauben, die globale Erwärmung werde höchstens abgeschwächt.
Von Michael Odenwald
Focus Online, 21. September 2008
Steht eine kleine Eiszeit bevor?
Die Erde steht möglicherweise vor einer neuen kleinen Eiszeit, wie sie vom 15. bis in das 19. Jahrhundert mit langen Wintern und kalten Sommern herrschte.
READERS EDITION; 18. September 2008
Klima kontrovers
Ein offener Brief an Deutschlands einflussreichsten Klimaforscher
von Rudolf Kipp
CNSNEWS.COM, September 17, 2008 Astronomical Influences Affect Climate More Than CO2, Say Experts
By Kevin Mooney
Prof. a.D. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke (Dipl.-Physiker)
Offener Brief in Sachen "Klimaschutz"
Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf
Heidelberg, 16.9.08
Lieber Herr Kollege Rahmstorf
HAARETZ.COM, 17.9.2008
Expert survey: Israel will continue to use oil and coal for most energy needs
By Zafrir Rinat
Dangerous human-caused warming can neither be demonstrated nor measured
By John Nicol, Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Watts Up With That?, 10.9.2008
Note to NASA: Fire Dr. James Hansen,&xnbsp;now.
By Michael D. Griffin
The Indipendent, 11 September 2008
Cleared: Jury decides that threat of global warming justifies breaking the law
By Michael McCarthy
ef-online, 2. September 2008
Ökologismus: Die Klimamacher
Ein Bericht über den Sozialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts
Von Bruno Bandulet
BBC News, 5 September 2008
Wilson row over green 'alarmists'
The Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has angered green campaigners by describing their view on climate change as a "hysterical pseudo-religion".
Welt Online, 7.9.2008
Gibt es wirklich mehr Stürme?
Von Ulli Kulke, 2 September 2008
Rodney Hide MP
Speech to Parliament
Wiener Zeitung, 28.08.2008,
Experte: "Die Natur, nicht der Mensch, macht Klimawandel"
Für S. Fred Singer ist Sonnenaktivität, nicht das Kohlendioxid Ursache für Erderwärmung
Von Heiner Boberski
Welt Online, 29.08.2008,
Klimaskeptiker bringt Forscher ins Schwitzen
Der „Klimaskeptiker" Ernst-Georg Beck provoziert gern.
Von Stefan Ummenhofer, 28. August 2008
US-Industrieverbände klagen gegen Regierung wegen Eisbären-Schutz
Unternehmen sehen Interessen in Alaska gefährdet
Kurier, von Ines Weber, 27.8.08
Klimaerwärmung? Nicht mit mir!
Klimapolitik hat ganz eigenen Facetten.
CO2 Skeptics, August 25th 2008
Environmental terrorism
by Will Alexander
Right Side News, August 21, 2008
Global Cooling: Global Warming has Ended – Many Scientists Say -
Scientists and peer reviewed studies show growing concern for cooling
Klimaerwärmung hat Einfluß auf Wäscheberge!
Bestürzende Entdeckung in Sydney!
Die aktuelle Klimaerwärmung hat offentlichtlich erheblichen Einfluß auf das Abschmelzen der Wäscheberge in einem Sydneyer Haushalt.
Hochaktuell auf dem Büchermarkt
Prof. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke:
CO2 und Klimaschutz
MSNBC, August 19, 2008
Australians Freeze Carrying Global Warming Relay Torch
By P.J. Gladnick
Litgow Mercury, 19/08/2008
Too cold for global warming relay
Auguran breve era del hielo en 2010
El calentamiento global debe comprender otra clase de factores
Canada Free Press
Sunday, August 17, 2008
Raise the White Flag:
Climate alarmist concedes total defeat to climate realist in rare debate
Herold Sun
Monday, August 18, 2008
Rudd feels the heat on 60 Minutes
By Andrew Bolt
Sunday, August 17, 2008
The oxygen crisis
Focus online, 15.08.2008
Frage von Gabriele Lück:
Erwärmt Kohlendioxid die Erde nur wenig?
von Michael Odenwald
Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered
15th August 2008
There's something rotten north of Denmark
By Steven Goddard
The Wall Street Journal, August 6, 2008
The Green Hornet
some media scrutiny of Barack Obama
Yahoo News, DHAKA (AFP)
Bangladesh gaining land, not losing: scientists
by Shafiq Alam
The Wall Street Journal, August 6, 2008
The Green Hornet
Obviously boring reality doesn't count for Barack Obama
The Australian, August 04, 2008
Climate hysterics v heretics in an age of unreason
by Arthur Herman
The New York Times
The Problems in Modeling Nature
With Its Unruly Natural Tendencies, Hintergrund:
Dem Klima-Märchen auf die Schliche gekommen
02. Aug. 2008, July 18, 2008
Cooling of Atmosphere Due to CO2 Emission
The Hindu, Thursday, Jul 10, 2008
Challenging the basis of Kyoto Protocol
by Vladimir Radyuhin
Daily Tech, July 16, 2008
Myth of Consensus Explodes:
APS Opens Global Warming Debate
"Considerable presence" of skeptics
Canada Free Press, June 20, 2008
U.S. Government Climate Report Called ‘Biased’ - Debunks Itself – Media Hypes
The New York Times, July 17, 2008
The (Annotated) Gore Energy Speech
by Andrew c. Revkin
The Australian, July 18, 2008
No smoking hot spot
by David Evans, Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Global Warming has Ended, according to this Source
The New York Times, July 3, 2008
A Tempered View of Greenland’s Gushing Drainpipes
By Andrew C. Revkin
Wednesday, July 02, 2008, Lindau:
Half of Nobel prize winners are skeptical about AGW orthodoxy
7. Juni 2008, Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Wirtschaftlicher Selbstmord aus Angst vor dem Tod
The Wall Street Journal, July 1, 2008
Global Warming as Mass Neurosis
Watts Up With That?
Sun: Still quiet, over two months since a cycle 24 spot&xnbsp;seen
Wiener Schule der Ökonomie, 16.06.08
Klimaschwindel aufgedeckt
von Andreas Tögel
The New York Times, Thursday, June 26, 2008
Big Coal Fires Back Over James Hansen’s Criminal Complaint
By Andrew C. Revkin
Ria Novosti, 25.06.2008
Russlands Wissenschaftler wollen These der anthropogenen Klimaerwärmung widerlegen
2055 bis 2060 wird die Temperatur den niedrigsten Punkt erreichen
Weather Blog, Alabama, June 22, 2008
Global Warming Movement Turns Cool
By James Spann
Die Welt am 23.06.2008 über
"Die Sieben Mythen von der bösen Atomkraft"
Zur Entmythologisierung
FAZ vom 23.06.2008
Öko-Diktatur im Rathaus
Von Joachim Jahn
Prometheus, The Science Policy blog, June 20, 2008
What the CCSP Extremes Report Really Says
Pielke Jr., R.
Capitalism Magazine, April&xnbsp;20,&xnbsp;2008
Key Global Warming Facts
by Dennis T. Avery
Financial Post, June 17, 2008
Overheated claims
By Roger Pielke, Jr.
Die Zeit, 19.06.2008
Illusion Ökostrom
Von Dirk Asendorf
Vaclav Klaus
The Other Side of Global Warming Alarmism
Human, June 16th, 2008
Dems Running on Empty
by Sen. James Inhofe
The New York Times, June 15th, 2008
Study of Greenland Ice Finds Rapid Change in Past Climate
News Busters, June 11, 2008
NYT 1993: ' Study of Greenland Ice Finds Rapid Change in Past Climate'
By Noel Sheppard | June 11, 2008
The Hill Times, June 9th, 2008
Grit Leader Dion gullible on carbon tax
Washington Post, May 30, 2008
Carbon Chastity
The First Commandment of the Church of the Environment
By Charles Krauthammer
Financial Post, June 07, 2008
In praise of CO2
By Lawrence Solomon
Financial Post, May 31, 2008
The Deniers: Our spotless sun
By Lawrence Solomon
The Namibian (Windhoek), 10 June 2008
Namibia: Climate Change a Fallacy
By Absalom Shigwedha
The Wall Street Journal
June 9, 2008
Cap and Burn
Welt online, 6. Juni 2008
Deiche bauen statt Treibhausgase reduzieren
Thomas Deichmann befragt
Prof. Kroonenberg
The Wall Street Journal
June 6, 2008
Extra: Political Diary
Climate-Change Collapse
Stephen Moore
FAZ 7.5.08
Klimamodelle - Das große Frösteln
Atempause im Klimawandel: Wie die Propheten irren
June 3, 2008, Army:
Sun, Not Man, Is Causing Climate Change
By Noah Shachtman
The Wall Street Journal
June 3, 2008
We Don't Need a Climate Tax on the Poor
SpiegelOnline International, 06/02/2008: KNUCKLING UNDER
Is Germany's 'Climate Chancellor' a Failure?
By Dirk Kurbjuweit and Christian Schwägerl
WASHINGTON, June 2 (Reuters)
Bush sees 'enormous costs' in climate change bill
President George W. Bush slammed a U.S. Senate climate change bill set for debate on Monday, saying the measure would cost the American economy $6 trillion.
The Washington Times
May 16, 2008
Global-warming myth
By Patrick J. Michaels
The Wall Street Journal
May 24, 2008
A Texas Timeout on Biofuels
Petition Opposing Climate Alarmism
Help Stop The Al Gore Tax!
And The $1.2 Trillion Global Warming Tax
ICECAP; May 28, 2008
Warmists in Frantic Effort to Save their Failing Theory
By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM
The Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2008
How to Think About the World's Problems
FINANCIAL POST, May 17, 2008
32,000 deniers
That’s the number of scientists who are outraged by the Kyoto Protocol’s corruption of science
By Lawrence Solomon
Star Tribune, 05/20/2008
WCCO meteorologist: Global warming 'extremism' uses 'squishy science'
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 05/18/2008
Blaming man convenient excuse; UP prof cites Gore errors
By Jocelyn Uy
The Wall Street Journal
May 15, 2008
Polar Bear Melodrama
Polar bears are not the fragile, vulnerable creatures of liberal iconography.
Nach dem Vatikan verweigern weitere Kirchengemeinschaften dem Klima-Wandel-Schwindel ihre Reverenz
Cizik Speaks Out on Global Warming, Criticism
By Stan Friedman
Before I raise Cain with my kid's teacher
G.K. Chesterton wrote:
Christian Forums
Christopher Monckton
The Cost and Futility of Trading Hot Air
Why carbon "cap and trade" ist an immoral non-solution to a non-problem
Widerlegung der sieben Kernaussagen des PIK Potsdam zum Klimawandel
Punkt für Punkt
durch Ernst-Georg Beck
and the English-Version
RP-Online, OPINIO, 12.5.08
Statt Klimaerwärmung kleine Eiszeit?
Von Gabriele Lins leitet die "Apokolokynthosis" der deutschen Klima-Politik ein
Erderwärmung macht zehn Jahre Pause
Pause für den größten Klima-Schwindel aller Zeiten?, 7. Mai 2008
Hungerkrise und Energie-Klemme
Von Philipp Löpfe
Wiener Zeitung, 2. Mai 2008
Der Mythos der Erderwärmung
Von Andreas Unterberger
Scripps News, May 01, 2008
Globe may be cooling on Global Warming
By Deroy Murdock, May 01, 2008
Junk Science: The Great Global Warming Race
By Steven Milloy
Environment & Public Works, April 30, 2008
'Global Warming Will Stop', New Peer-Reviewed Study Says
&xnbsp;By Marc Morano
CANADA FREE PRESS, April 30, 2008
How UN structures were designed to prove human CO2 was causing global warming
&xnbsp;By Dr. Tim Ball
The New York Times, May 1, 2008
Are Children Sounding the Global-Warming Alarm?
By Stephen J. Dubner, April 30, 2008
Global warming may 'stop', scientists predict
By Charles Clover, Environment Editor, 09/11/2007
Weather Channel boss calls global warming 'the greatest scam in history'
Welt Online, 27.4.08
Gesunder Menschenverstand
von Edgar Gärtner
Houston Chronicle, April 28, 2008
Storm brewing for William Gray
The Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2008
The Real Cost of Tackling Climate Change
Business Wire, April 30, 2008
Petition To Stop Climate Alarmism Trumps Gore’s $300 Million Effort In Just 8 Days
The Australian, April 23, 2008
Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh
Phil Chapman
Hundreds Sign Climate Realist Declaration
Global Warming’ is not a Global Crisis
Ottawa, Canada, April 22, 2008
Presseschau von Marc Morano EPW
$600 Million Warming Center – Coming Global Chill – Warming Causes Depression? – Kids Warming Propaganda
April 11, 2008
The Australian, April 9, 2008
Academic cool on warming
By Brad Norington
Science & Technology Magazine
Is a New Ice Age Under Way?
by Laurence Hecht
“Watch out, Al Gore. The glaciers will get you!”
Hungern und Frieren für das Klima
weltweit bis zum Tode?
Houston Chronicle, April 12, 2008
Hurricane expert reconsiders global warming's impact
The Australian, March 22, 2008
Climate facts to warm to
By Christopher Pearson
Geologist: Sun’s shift could mean global chill
Apr, 9, 2008
The Global Warming Challenge:
Scott Armstrong Calling Al Gore
March 28, 2008
News Busters
Scientist Demands Apology From ABC for Global Warming Hit Piece
By Noel Sheppard
The American Conservative Union Foundation
Global Cooling?
by Dennis Avery
Business & Media Institute
'World News' Rips Scientist to Shreds for Being Global Warming 'Skeptic'
By Jeff Poor
American Chronicle, March 25, 2008
Letters from Sixth Grade Students Reveal Global Warming Indoctrination
By: Maureen Martin
Vera Lengsfeld 27.03.2008
Klimakatastrophe in der Antarktis!
Wie das ZDF seine Zuschauer fehlinformiert
By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM
npr, March 19 2008
The Mystery of Global Warming's Missing Heat
by Richard Harris
Energy Tribune
The Sloppy Science of Global Warming
by Roy W. Spencer
FAZ, 19.3.2008
Antireklame für Biosprit
Von Joachim Müller-Jung
WorldChanging Team, March 21, 2008
What Does Climate Change Do To Our Heads?
Sanjay Khanna is a writer and foresight researcher based in Vancouver, Canada.
klimanews 18. März 2008
Die "Tricksereien" des Herrn Rahmstorf
Ist die Erderwärmung vorbei
Welt online, 12. März 2008
Mehr Schnee, mehr Kälte
- wo bleibt die Erderwärmung?
Kurier, 11.3.2008
Biosprit bringt "Todeszonen" zum Wachsen
Wissenschaftler warnen
Focus online, 11.3.2008
Todeszone durch Biosprit
Von FOCUS-Online-Autorin Annika Mengersen

Welt online, 12.3.2008
Einen kühlen Kopf bewahren
Von Ulli Kulke
Dr. Muriel Newman
Unstoppable Climate Change
9 March 2008
Speech by Hon Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic
From Climate Alarmism to Climate Realism
Rede von Václav Klaus in New York
Spiegel online, 11.3.2008
Wissenschaftler warnen vor Öko-Katastrophe
SCHWEIZ Magazin 12.3.2008
Nur noch 50 Jahre bis zur nächsten Eiszeit ?
sagt Chabibullo Abdussamatow
Cool it!
Alles halb so schlimm
Die Welt vom 7.3.2008
Die Arktis, kalt erwischt
Von Maxeiner & Miersch
Marc Morano, March 6, 2008
Climate Skeptics Reveal ‘Horror Stories’ of Scientific Suppression
NYC Climate Conference Further Debunks ‘Consensus’ Claims, 09/03/2008
Climate dissent grows hotter as chill deepens
By Christopher Booker
The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change
New York City on March 2-4, 2008
Conference on Climate Change
Das Medienecho
Edmonton Journal, Thursday, March 06, 2008
Causes of climate change varied: poll
By Gordon Jaremko news service, 03 March 2008
Lunar eclipse may shed light on climate change
by David Shiga
March 03, 2008
Lunar Eclipse Prompts Climate Change Debate
By John Borland
The New York Times, March 2, 2008
Skeptics on Human Climate Impact Seize on Cold Spell
Financial Times, February 28 2008
If climate sceptics are right, it is time to worry
By Paul Klemperer, February 26, 2008
By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles
Global warming sceptics bouyed by record cold
FAZ, 01. März 2008: Solarenergie
Die Perfektionierung der
Von Georg Küffner
THE WALL STREET&xnbsp;JOURNAL, February 25, 2008
Chilling Effect
Global warmists try to stifle debate.
Daily Tech, February 26, 2008
Temperature Monitors Report
Worldwide Global Cooling

A twelve-month long drop in world temperatures erases global warming
President Klaus speech
President Klaus speech
President Klaus speech, UN 24.9.2007
National Post, February 25, 2008
Forget global warming:
Welcome to the new Ice Age

By Lorne Gunter
Winningreen Issue Alert, 2.21.2008
Real scientists' real fear: the coming ice age
By Tom Randall
Zum Klima-Manifest von Heiligenroth
vom 15.9.2007
und hier zum Vorwort von
Dr. Rainer Six
Die kontroversen Diskussionen ...
AKEU NRW (Arbeitskreis Energie und Umwelt NRW), 12/2007
Fire and Ice
Journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but can’t decide weather we face an ice age or warming
Manchester Evening News, 2.22.2008
Dr Henry Clemmey: It's nothing new
"climate change is both unavoidable"
Daily Mail, 2.21.2008
Global Cooling: Amazing pictures of countries joining Britain in the big freeze
FAZ vom 13.2.2008
Das Klimabarometer
von Joachim Müller-Jung

NOAA, 2.21.2008
Hurricane frequency and global warming NOT the cause of increased&xnbsp;destruction
From a NOAA press release
Dayly Express
Monday February 18,2008
By Tony Bonnici
Endet die globale Erwärmung jetzt schon?
Heavy snow and bitterly cold
Dozens killed in Iran blizzards
Tornado latest surprise of wild winter
Cold Spell, Snow Grip Parts of Europe
Athen: Schnee statt Hitze
China: Schnee, Kälte
Recent cold snap helping Arctic sea ice, scientists find
February 15, 2008
James A. Peden:
The Great Global Warming Hoax?
February 18, 2008
Carbon Dioxide and the "Climate Crisis" - Reality or Illusion?
An Investigative Documentary by CO2Science
T-Online Nachrichten 16.2.2008:
Leben am Südpol hing bei Eiszeiten am seidenen Faden
Fauna und Flora in der Antarktis
WELT-ONLINE vom 15.2.2008:
Klimaerwärmung verlängert das Leben
Von Ulli Kulke
Baliunas Says Global Warming Related To Sun
Warming Up to the Truth
WELT-ONLINE vom 10.2.2008:
Der Däne Bjorn Lomborg wettert in seinem neuen Buch gegen die Klima-Hysterie
Von Günther Lachmann
Scoop, Independent News
Time for Aust-NZ Commission on Global Warming
Thursday, 31 January 2008
Die Zeit vom 5.2.2008
Kassandras kontra Wissenschaft
von Björn Schwentker
Jean Martin, Pensée unique:
L'effet de serre remis en question par des physiciens théoriciens!
mis à jour le 24/01/08
The American Daily, 2.21.2008
Global-Warming Authoritarianism
by Keith Lockitch
The American Spectator 2.5.2008:
More Ice Than Ever
By Patrick J. Michaels
Theodore Dalrymple:
Divorcees are bad for the environment
St. Galler Tageblatt 7.2.2008:
Klima, Vater aller Dinge
von Daniel di Falco
Global Warming Politics
Too Much Ice: Polar Bears Starving
Control by Carbon:
The Totalitarian Side of Climate Change
by Duane Lester • January 23, 2008
Die Klima-Hysterie
von Michael Miersch
WELT-ONLINE vom 4.2.2008:
Der Öko-Blackout rückt näher
Von Norbert Lossau
Berliner Morgenpost vom 14.1.2008
Warum der Februar kalt wird
von Rolf H. Latusseck
Brandneu auf dem Büchermarkt, der aktuelle Wissensstand
Prof. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke:
CO2 und Klimaschutz
World Climate Report, Febr. 4, 2008
1,500 Years of Cooling in the Arctic
The Arctic is melting, right?
Global warming may not affect sea levels
January 10, 2008 by Roger Highfield
Real Clear Politics:
Media Promotes Global Warming Alarmism
January 8, 2008 by Jack Kelly
Zur Klima-Presseschau
Zur Klima-Presseschau
Zur Klima-Presseschau

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